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Industrial-era sales tactics don't work anymore.

Too many salespeople are stuck in “features and benefits mode” because they don’t have the business acumen needed to sell ideas and insights– and sales managers are left wondering why they’re not winning more business.

Even if your team has bought into SPIN Selling, Challenger Sale, Conceptual Selling, or any of the other popular sales methodologies out there – you need to be honest with yourself – are those programs hitting the mark if your salespeople don't have business acumen


Knowing how to help your customers make and save money.

Our customized Business IQ® course will develop salespeople who turn those once uncomfortable business discussions into meaningful conversations– they’ll learn what to listen for and what questions to ask to uncover the business drivers behind a purchase. In the end, your reps will use their business acumen to close more deals and add value to the pipeline.

Our consultants have worked directly with over 200 different companies and have conducted research on all of their top competitors. This gives them an unparalleled perspective into a wide range of industries. What are the main strategies for driving growth in retail? How are hospitals navigating new industry regulations? Who’s leading in the energy sector? We know the answers to these questions and more, and we’ll give your sales team the tools they need to become similarly sophisticated.


Key Course Objectives

  • Use the 5 Business Drivers® to develop winning sales pitches.
  • Add business and financial muscle to your existing processes and sales methodologies.
  • Effectively position your solutions for different buyers and stakeholders within an organization.
  • Come to the table with unique insights and ideas to help customers make or save money.
  • Develop a business case that ties to your customers’ KPIs and addresses their strategic challenges.


Let's find out how we can help your team drive measurable growth!