Participant Feedback

There are a lot of people who’d rather have a root canal than a course on financial statements. Yet most of our clients have reported that we are one of their top-rated offerings – if not their very top. Don’t be surprised if you get the same results.

I attended the class with the hopes of learning about our business generically. What I received is how our products, culture, communication, and business impacts our strategy on a micro and macro level. I endorse the class so much that I think it should be mandatory for all associates.


One of my favorite sessions. I love how you combined your knowledge and our participation to hammer home your message. I am better prepared to demonstrate business acumen as a competency as a result. You made it fun and informative. Thank you!

session attendee

I came into the course skeptical but “required” to attend. Finance is not something I really enjoy or feel competent about. However, this was the best and most relevant training I have received in a decade. We covered a lot of ground and I have a lot more to learn, but this course created a desire to learn more about our business and how I can better contribute to our success.


I love this course! As a new GM it was invaluable. I feel equipped, empowered, and confident. I was thrilled about how much I knew, but now in a more in depth manner. A must for all new GM's! Jeff was an amazing leader!

Mary Kay

This was on of the most valuable classes I've ever taken. I studied economics at CU, and I wish I had learned business acumen over everything else.


In 9 1/2 years at Telus, I have never been in a course with such great content. Even more, Ben Cook is hands down the best instructor I have ever had. He's an 11/10.


This was one of the best courses I've taken in my 19 year career at Aetna. I've been looking for something like this for a long time as I feel this is knowledge I need to continue to grow and help the company. Thank you Aetna for offering it and making it available.