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Our top-rated and highly customized business and financial acumen course has been taught to more than 100,000 individuals and has been designed for clients representing every industrial vertical.

I loved this course! I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence moving forward. It really helps me to know what to do to prepare for clients.

Big Four Accounting Firm



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Acumen Learning has been trusted by over 200 leading brands from around the globe, including 22 of the Fortune 50. They rely on us to help them build and implement business and financial acumen training programs that achieve their learning and development goals and drive results for their business.

Industry Experience

Acumen Learning has emerged as the most complete business and financial acumen solution, capable of teaching any professional from any industry about the business of their business. And we do it in a way that is both clear enough to reach the individual contributor and sophisticated enough to challenge the experienced executive.

For every new partnership, we not only research and study our new client’s business – we conduct an idustry study which includes financial fact-finding on at least three of their top competitors and research into their customers and partners. We bring this deep industry expertise to deliver impactful solutions that help participants gain an upperhand on the financial trends, competitive moves, consumer shifts, and industry pressures that guide their corporate strategy.

+ Business acumen for health care companies
Plans, providers, pharma, biotech & med-device

Navigating the intricacies of the health care industry with foresight and articulating a clear strategy is only a starting point for leaders in the medical space. Advances in technology, regulations, and aggresive new entrants demands professionals who are thoughtful about their decisions, but not hesitant.

Organizations can achieve a measurable competitive advantage building a culture of business acumen – consensus is built, communication barriers and department silos are broken down, and employees are empowered to make faster and better decisions that support the long and short-term strategy of the company. The results are unrealized efficiencies and increased service that lead to profitable and sustainable growth.

Acumen Learning’s health care clients include the top five health insurers in the U.S. (by marketshare), seventeen of the top 50 health care companies listed on the Fortune 500, six of the ten biggest pharma companies in the world (based on sales), and half of the ten biggest players in the med-device space (based on sales).

Having my MBA already, I appreciated that this was specifically customized to Aetna's financial statements and strategic priorities. I’ll be recommending this course to my colleagues in I&DS!


+ Business acumen for basic materials and energy companies
Upstream, midstream, and downstream, reneweable energy, metals, chemicals

The energy producers of the world and those who produce energy-intensive goods face unique and ever changing complexities that are reshaping the marketplace. These complexities include increased scrutiny of environmental impacts, green energy trends, the shift of natural resource exploration to remote parts of the globe, geopolitical instability, and the ever increasing large capital investments needed to maintain profitability.

Leaders in this industry have to grasp the enormity of the complexities they face, without losing the ability to make day-to-day decisions on strategic initiatives, operational choices, and technological advances.

CEOs have told us directly that they need employees who can answer questions like… How can we maintain a local community presence as we expand our global reach? What’s happening in the world today and how does it impact our people and our customers? What do we need to do first to execute a long-term strategy? Answering questions like these and understanding how to quickly adjust and execute against a clear strategy requires business and financial acumen.

Acumen Learning has partnered with Chevron, Phillips 66, Williams, Freeport-McMoRan, Cameron, Total Petrochemicals, Hess Oil, and many other industry leaders.

This course was great! I am looking forward to going back to my team and being able to walk through Cameron’s financial report with them.


+ Business acumen for consumer products companies
Retailers, food and beverage, apparel, houshold products, hospitality

While innovation and product development will always be at the heart of consumer products companies, today’s market is increasingly transparent. From a consumer performing a price comparison using a smartphone app, to the eco-minded consumer who can Google whether your company is socially responsible, the emerging transparent marketplace presents unique challenges in our new connected world.

In response, consumer brands have been forced to transcend the old rules that run deep with the industry – easier said than done. Senior leaders know that they need employees who are able to see things anew, perceive shifts in the marketplace quickly, and understand how to leverage new rules to improve financial performance.

Business acumen training teaches employees how to clearly formulate and adjust their big picture company and marketplace view, which enables them to quickly execute profitable business strategies.

Acumen Learning has established long-term relationships with top consumer brands including Coca-Cola, TJX, Office Depot, Saks 5th Avenue, Michaels, McDonald’s, and our favorite candy companies Mars and Hershey’s.

I actually really enjoyed this course. I didn't know much about business finance coming into it (I’m an advertising/communications major), but now I have the tools I need to walk into meetings and feel confident in understanding the numbers.

MGM Resorts

+ Business acumen for financial service and insurance companies
Banks, life, property, and casualty insurance, accounting, consulting

New regulations and a global economy has forever changed the financial and insurance landscape. Executive teams are now in the mode of continuously rethinking how regulators, employees, global competitors, and customers impact their business. They’re abandoning industrial-era tactics that limit growth, they’re repositioning strategies to better leverage new proficiencies and operating metrics, and they’re recognizing that inorder to make good on their promises they need to tap into their talent’s intellectual energy to achieve results faster.

For example, one of the Big Four Accounting Firms invited Acumen Learning to participate in their intern training program. Coming from some of the top business schools in the world these interns had financial acumen, but of course business acumen is more than a mere understanding of financial statements. Our client needed these potential employees to understand how businesses compete and win in the real world. We were invited back to teach a series of industry specific courses for their vertical managers.

Over the past ten years Acumen Learning has established partnerships with a Big Four Accounting Firm, Lincoln Financial, Travelers, State Farm, Vanguard, USAA, and many other industry leaders.

Great, engaging instructor. Made somewhat boring/dull material interesting! Explained a ton of terms I've heard but I didn't fully understand, but now I do. Should be a required course for all new employees, or at least done after the first year to help them understand the big picture.

Lincoln Financial Group

+ Business acumen for manufacturing and industrial companies
Aerospace, automotive, equipment, construction, defense

With emerging technologies and new capabilities, manufactures must adjust to the current realities of the marketplace. Companies that are able to take advantage of our new age of interconnectedness of customers, suppliers, partners and employees will emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.

But capitalizing on this new technology driven marketplace will take agility and speed. In our interviews with leaders in this space, the challenge is clear: companies must be able to balance this faster pace of innovation without risking their investments in plant and equipment.

The goal of training departments within the manufacturing industry should be focused on teaching employees how to utilize the right resources and set the right priorities that lead to profitability.

Acumen Learning has worked with Nissan, Lockheed Martin, Spirit Areosystems, Yamaha, General Dynamics, CH2M, Raytheon, and many other industry leaders.

Excellent! Coming from an engineering background, the material presented enhanced my understanding of how my individual contributions as a Product Marketing Manager can have an impact on overall company performance.

National Instruments

+ Business acumen for high-tech and telecommunications companies
Hardware, software, cloud, cable, media and entertainment

No industry reinvents itself as rapidly as the tech sector. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, edge analytics, artificial intelligence, the digitization of media, and far too many other advances to count are changing the way we all work and connect with the world.

Nevertheless, there are fundamental principles like customer value, quality, innovation, strategic investments, and execution that will always guide a CEO’s decisions. Of course sticking to those fundementals isn’t always easy especially given investor’s looking for quick returns. The real innovators of the industry are able to balance tech savvy with market savvy.

The programs Acumen Learning designs and delivers for high-tech and telecommunications companies help participants understand why their CEO wants them to be a businessperson first and a [insert a role like engineer, salesperson, human resource wiz here] second. He or she needs employees who use their business acumen to drive innovation and profits.

Acumen Learning has worked with industry leaders such as Verizon, AT&T, Seagate, Canon, Cisco, Dish, ManTech, and Unisys – helping their employees understand what the CEO wants them to know.

Great course that everyone at Canon should take. Discussion, content, and overall delivery was perfect. Anyone looking to brush up on Canon’s key metrics or general business knowledge should take this class.