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A clear, insightful springboard to understanding business.

By Luke Jeremy

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This book has provided an excellent basis for learning the principles of accounting and finance. It is the best place to start. In fact, learning from other sources just makes me appreciate this exceptionally clear book even more.

Should be required reading for anyone in business

By changoola

Format: iBooks

The book makes the argument that there are too many “in” business who don’t “get” business. This book gives a good review of business - and even those who think they know business ought to read it.

A Must Read For All “Entry Level” Business Profesionals

By Amazon Customer

Format: Hardcover  | Verified Purchase

If you are serious about understanding the bigger picture in an attempt to excel in your career........this is a must read. Easy to follow. Grab a highlighter and get reading. Explains at a high level, but provides enough detail if you want to spend some time diving deeper.

If you’re interested in speaking the language of business more fluently, this book is your dictionary.

Stedman Graham, bestselling author, educator & entrepreneur

Cope’s book will help all employees of an organization understand the essence of how business works, plain and simple. It’s refreshing and insightful, without the typical technical jargon.

Doug Conant, former chairman and CEO, the Campbell Soup Company

Cope has discovered a drop-dead simple way of getting to the crux of business. His five-drivers model is at the core of how my team and I think – and perform!

Karen Kocher, chief learning officer, Cigna

We teach Cope’s five business drivers to our leaders, regardless of the department they work for, to build the business acumen they need to improve our company’s financial strength. Seeing the Big Picture introduces these drivers and unveils a framework for thinking about business that will bring clarity to anyone looking to make difference in their company’s financial performance.

John Roiko, vice president, finance, National Instruments