By Mike Wright

Big Picture: Guess the company…


December 21, 2013 | Categories: After Training Resources

Consider this…

A group of computer engineers were challenged to, no surprise here, figure out ways to support their company's initiative to cut costs.

One would think that a group of geeky computer engineers would come up with some new fandangled technology or some complex algorithm, but instead of overthinking a problem, or worse, overthinking a solution… they came up with a simple idea that was easy to implement. In fact, the popular TV show MythBusters proved that their idea really does save money. Further, the engineer's innovation helped support their company's environmental initiatives.

See if you can guess who this company is…

Acumen in Action™

In between each slide have your team write down their guess of who they think the company is. Tell them that if they shout out their guess before the big reveal at the end they'll be asked to pack up their stuff and security will escort them out (kidding, but seriously keep it to yourself). Once the slideshow is done, see who guessed the company first (and maybe offer the winner a prize). Then discuss the following as a team…

  • What are some of the pitfalls of overthinking problems and solutions? You may want to list their answers on a whiteboard.
  • How can our team avoid some of these pitfalls?
  • What role does creativity play in solving problems?
  • In what ways can simple solutions have an unexpected impact on our team's success?

Seeing the Big Picture

Encourage everyone to make a list of problems that your team can solve. Then challenge them to use their  business acumen to think creatively about potential solutions that are simple and easy to implement. Or, if the problem requires a complex solution, challenge them to think of ways to make the process or solution less complex.

If you and your team have the book Seeing the Big Picture (Greenleaf, 2012) turn to page 2 and read the section: What Business Acumen Can Do For You