Building Business Acumen®

A customized business acumen course to help your employees make faster and better business decisions.

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Your business leaders need business acumen training.

If employees don’t know how their companies make money (and research suggests that most don't), how can they be trusted to set the right priorities and implement the right initiatives? They can’t! New York Times best-selling authors Kevin Cope and Stephen M. R. Covey founded the world’s leading business acumen training organization, Acumen Learning, to teach professionals about the business of their businesses. Since 2002, more than 500,000 business leaders in more than 35 countries and 23 of the Fortune 50 have counted on Acumen Learning to drive their business results through customized trainings.


We wrote the book on business acumen.

There's only one #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller dedicated to the subject of business acumen – we wrote it.

Called an MBA in under 180 pages, Seeing the Big Picture captures the basic principles of our customized business acumen training.


What is a lack of business acumen costing you?

Can every team member explain your company's money-making process? And can they do it in such a way that engages employees? If not, you’re losing money. How many decisions are made too quickly or not quick enough? How many of your team members don’t understand what your CEO talked about in the last earnings call? How many of your leaders would rather have a root canal than a discussion about financial statements? Not understanding business is costing you business. LET'S TRANSFORM YOUR ORGANIZATION TODAY!