Building Business Acumen®

A Customized Business Acumen Course to help your employees make faster and better business decisions.

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Accelerating execution and alignment

We help your top performers make faster and smarter decisions– the types of business decisions that align with your CEO's strategy.

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Business IQ® Sales Training

A Customized Business Acumen Sales Course to help your account managers become trusted business advisors.

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Your business leaders need business acumen training.

Unfortunately, the development of business and financial acumen has been overrun by professors and internal finance teams who have complicated the subject and by vendors who think the subject needs to be dumbed down in order for it to be understood. We were born to give companies a better alternative.

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We wrote the book on business acumen.

There's only one #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller dedicated to the subject of business acumen – we wrote it.

Called an MBA in under 180 pages, Seeing the Big Picture captures the basic principles of our customized business acumen training.

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We only do business acumen training.

You can call us niche, specialized, or exclusive because we are. We didn’t set out to be the biggest training company in the world – we set out to be the best business acumen training company in the world.

And so far so good, we’ve taught over 500,000 people in over 35 countries, and 22 of the Fortune 50 have counted on us to help them drive business results through customized business acumen training.

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