About Us

At a time when the growth of soft skills training was off the charts, Kevin Cope & Stephen M.R. Covey had a different idea:

Create the world’s leading business acumen training company.

They saw a crucial field of study that had been overrun by professors and internal finance teams who complicated the subject and by vendors who thought the subject needed to be dumbed down in order for it to be understood.

They knew that companies needed a better alternative, and they started by establishing the core values and culture of the company that would be the solution.

Acumen Learning emerged as the most complete solution, capable of teaching any professional, from any industry, about the business of their business. And we do it in a way that is both clear enough to reach the individual contributor and sophisticated enough to challenge the experienced executive.


From aligning your talent to driving innovation,
everything we do is about inspiring your employees
to make a difference.

If you’re interested in training that will drive your bottom line results, we should talk.

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