Building Business Acumen®

Finance Training / Commercial Awareness / Business Savvy


95% of employees do not understand their company's strategy.

While most people understand their job, study after study demonstrates that the majority of employees don’t understand the business of their business. And CEOs desperately need them to.

Business acumen is the key to any successful learning and development initiative– without it, individuals will struggle to make a meaningful impact on business results.


Employees must understand how they impact the bottom-line.

Our customized Building Business Acumen® course will help any professional, from any industry, gain a satellite view of their business, improve their track record of success, align decisions to corporate strategy, fix present problems and prevent new ones, break down communication barriers, take advantage of opportunities to grow, and much more.

The job of developing business leaders is never really finished. If business acumen isn’t part of the curriculum, the job never really got started. Organizations that build their training initiatives on top of a business-savvy culture have an invaluable edge.

So whether you need to get your business acumen initiative started, or have already started, but need better results – our team will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine which program works best for you and your organization.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Use the 5 Business Drivers to understand how your company makes money.
  • Develop a working knowledge of financial statements and strategy.
  • Align individual and team decisions with executive initiatives.
  • Improve engagement by helping employees recognize the importance of their role.
  • Identify 2-3 business priorities and develop a personal action plan to drive results.


Learning Modules

  • The 5 Business Drivers
    What do I really need to know about the business of our business?
  • Executive Alignment
    Where are our executives headed and how can I contribute?
  • Navigating the Financials
    Which numbers do I really need to pay attention to?
  • Functional Analysis & Impact
    How can seeing the big picture help me break down department silos?
  • In-Depth Financial & Competitive Analysis
    Who's leading, who’s lagging, and who’s best positioned to win?
  • Innovation Management & Informed Decision Making
    How do I consistently make the right strategic bets?
  • External Acumen & Stock Market Analysis
    How do I develop a global enterprise mindset to help my company win?
  • Acumen in Action – My Plan
    What are the 2-3 priorities I need to focus on to make a legacy impact?


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